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We take pride in our business

Since 1988, NSG provides Complete Building Services for clients in Greater Cincinnati, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout its history, NSG has been recognized for its professionalism, quality of services, attention to detail and its ability to tailor specific programs to fit the needs of its customers.

As a leader in its field, NSG continues to provide superior business services to companies who demand quality and desire services that will protect their business and enhance the value of their building.

We take pride in our people

At NSG, we’re known for the quality of our people.  Our clients trust us with their most valuable assets: their facility and the safety of their assets and employees.  We take this responsibility seriously, so our senior leadership personally selects every NSG employee.  We invest in training our people and investing them with NSG’s signature “fanatical focus” on personal attention.  It’s true: every client has unrivaled access to our leadership, our managers and our team.  We believe that this personal attention is a key benefit of working with NSG, and is totally unique to our industry.  It’s another unique strength of NSG that helps us take care of your facility, so you can take care of your business.

(Copy TBD. Would like to get some quotes from NSG employees about the personal and professional benefits of being on the NSG team.)

The NSG Difference

<li>36 years experience delivering quality services and value you can count on</li>
<li>Integrated services and in-house expertise for all your facility needs</li>
<li>Customized building services, tailored to your requirements</li>
<li>Experienced leadership to consistently improve quality and performance</li>
<li>Leadership personally selects our people to ensure high-quality employees</li>
<li>”Fanatical focus” on personal attention for long-term client satisfaction</li>
<li><span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>Technology enhanced services offer 24/7 reporting for better service insights</span></li>

What Our Clients Say

“NSG consistently exceeds our expectations. From their Managers to their Janitorial Staff, each member of the team delivers reliable results and quality service we’ve come to depend on.”
John Doe, Facility Director - Fortune 500 Company
“Working with NSG has greatly improved the quality feedback we receive from tenants. Their Security services provide piece of mind and better results through training and leading-edge technology.”
Jane Doe, Property Manager - Residential
“As a business owner, I need a facility services partner who takes care of my building, so I don’t have to. I can rely on NSG to take care of my needs while saving me time and money.”
John Smith, Business Owner - Savings &amp; Loan Bank

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