5 Great Reasons to Use A Security Guard Service!

5 Great Reasons to Use A Security Guard Service

If you’re looking for a reason to hire a commercial security guard service, then here are five of the best!

As a business owner or property manager, are you still deciding to hire or change commercial security guard services?  Here are five great reasons why a commercial security guard service might be the right direction for your business.

  1. Deter unwanted activity- The #1 reason commercial security services are needed is to create a safe atmosphere and prevent unwanted activity.  Hiring a commercial security guard service will ensure that both staff and visitors feel safe at your facility. Commercial security guards are not only positioned at key entrances and busy areas of properties for immediate assistance, but they can also protect by monitoring cameras and contacting the police, fire, or other authorities as needed.
  2. Prevent Issues Before They Occur- Commercial security guards are trained in the latest safety and security issues and to respond to emergencies of all types.  However, guards also act as the “ears and eyes” of the property, which is typically a business’ largest asset.  Onsite guards can readily report frequent issues like water leaks to quickly to limit damage.  Commercial security guards can help building management and faculty maintenance departments stay ahead of everyday issues common in any facility.  
  3. Protect Employees Outside the Facility-Parking lots can be one of the most dangerous locations within any business.  Car thefts, breaking and entering, and general loitering can be common in parking lots of all kinds.  Mobile security guard units can cover large areas quickly and report potential issues to the police.  Hiring a security guard service can help keep a watchful eye on your parking lot and ensure that your staff and clients are safe when they visit your business. 
  4. Provide Better Customer Service – A commercial security guard greeting and directing visitors when they enter your business can help to improve customer service. Commercial security guards are often the first contact that outside visitors and employees experience and can help welcome and direct them around the building. Commercial security guards that are well dressed, polite, and highly trained will reassure employees and visitors of their safety and well-being.  
  5. New services in a new world – A commercial security guards’ primary role is to monitor and deter unwanted activity, however, guards are also able to help keep facilities healthier too.   Recently, commercial security guards have been hired to also take temperatures or provide health screening questionnaires. Monitoring access, coupled with good janitorial and disinfection practices, can keep employees healthier. Today, creating healthy workspaces is an important and timely topic for business owners and employees alike.  

There are many reasons to hire a commercial security guard, especially in today’s ever-changing world.  Seeking out a new unarmed guard service might also be warranted if your facility is not getting these key benefits and services today.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a no-obligation quote or if we can answer any security concerns.   

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