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Commercial Janitorial Services: Trust the right partner

When it comes to professionalism and commitment, the NSG team delivers a local and experienced commercial janitorial cleaning service in Cincinnati that national accounts can’t touch. NSG's accounts receive regular and consistent site contact from our janitorial director and custodian team. Our Cincinnati clients recognize the value and convenience of a single point of contact. That’s why our commercial janitorial team is known for creating long-term, successful relationships with a wide variety of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 25 companies.

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Commercial Janitorial Services provided

  • Nightly Cleaning

  • Day Porters

  • Hard Floor Care

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • High Touch Disinfection

Why we are different

  • Technology

    Telephone time-keeping systems ensure our commercial janitorial staff is on-site and performing the contract specs. We also use web and mobile based technology to perform inspections, schedule project work, and manage services.

  • Mobile Floating Crews

    Cross-trained commercial janitorial floating crews are ready to fill in for emergencies.  They can also be leveraged for extra project work or training.

  • Responsiveness

    As Cincinnati’s local commercial janitorial cleaning service team, NSG is always available to speak to you in person. The commercial janitorial director will perform regular site visits and top leadership is always available if needed.

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Case Study


Large fortune 500 company in an owner-occupied high-rise building



While NSG was a trusted partner since 1988 to the customer, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges.  The customer quickly needed a new to the world janitorial cleaning program that was comprehensive, responsive, and still worked within their budget.


NSG listened to the customer and worked with them to develop a cleaning protocol that addressed their unique cleaning challenges.  The NSG janitorial team partnered with the customer every step of the way to deliver a program that included high touch disinfection for surfaces like elevators, conference rooms and door handles.  NSG also quickly recommended the addition of fine mist disinfection that included a 30-day germ barrier and the ability to test surfaces for germs before and after disinfection.


By reprioritizing cleaning to the daytime instead of night, the new recommended protocol was adopted, and costs were able to stay in budget.  The customer’s employees have returned to work and since June 2021, our disinfection data demonstrates an 78% decrease for weighted average Pre-Disinfection RLU’s across all locations which equates to a “hospital grade clean”.  Finally, to date, employee feedback indicates that they feel more comfortable being back at work with the new protocol and disinfection services.

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Janitorial services you can rely on in Cincinnati

NSG specializes in janitorial and commercial office cleaning services in Cincinnati. Providing tailored, cost-effective solutions for clients across multiple industries, NSG delivers incredible results at affordable prices. 

If you’re looking for a company to take over janitorial management for your Cincinnati business, NSG is the name to trust. Our aim is to offer peace of mind by creating and maintaining clean, safe working environments.

Finding the right janitorial partner in Cincinnati

At NSG, we understand the importance of finding the right janitorial partner for businesses in Cincinnati. Our office cleaning service team has extensive experience in working with a broad spectrum of commercial clients and we recognize that all of our customers have unique requirements and preferences. We believe that the right janitorial partner offers:

  • An experienced, local management team
  • An effective time-keeping system to ensure staff members are on site
  • Providing access to cross-trained mobile floating crews for emergency situations
  • Providing regular, consistent site contact
  • Using mobile-based technology to perform inspections
  • Providing monthly reports to track key performance indicators

Our Commercial Janitorial Services

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial janitorial cleaning services in Cincinnati. We can provide standalone services or design customized office cleaning or janitorial service packages in line with your requirements. Our services include:

  • Day Porters

    Day porters carry out a diverse range of cleaning and tidying jobs to maintain public and communal spaces within commercial buildings and facilities. From inspecting and cleaning spaces to dealing with spillages and mopping floors, our day porters play an integral role in keeping commercial buildings clean and optimizing safety and comfort.

  • Night Cleaning

    When customers and employees have gone home, our experienced teams get to work providing comprehensive, thorough, targeted cleaning services. Using the latest equipment and precision cleaning techniques, we ensure that your premises are ready for the next day. 

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Clean, fresh carpets create positive impressions, enhance design features and decor and promote safety. We offer a professional carpet cleaning service for businesses in Cincinnati. We use tried and tested methods and cutting-edge technology to help maintain carpets and even upholstered office furniture. 

  • Hard Floor Care

    The NSG team is proficient in hard floor care. We provide intensive cleaning and sanitation, in addition to polishing and preventative care to ensure your floors are cleaned and maintained properly.

  • High Touch Disinfection

    High touch surfaces are vulnerable to contamination due to the frequency with which people use or touch them. NSG can provide additional high-touch services tailored to your facility to help keep employees and customers safe, especially during flu season.

How Can NSG benefit your Cincinnati business

NSG works with a vast array of commercial clients. From small businesses and ambitious start-ups to Fortune 25 companies, we provide solutions that work for our customers. We offer an extensive selection of commercial cleaning and janitorial services to cater to the diverse needs of our client base. If you are looking for a Cincinnati janitorial cleaning service company you can trust to deliver first-class services, here are some of the ways working with NSG will benefit your business:

1. Customized Cleaning Solutions

We know that our clients have different needs and preferences. We adopt a flexible approach and we can tailor services and commercial and office cleaning packages to suit the individual client. We cater to all budgets and we work with clients across several industries. We understand the unique demands and challenges within different sectors. From healthcare to retail, we provide high-quality, customized cleaning solutions. 

2.  Create a Positive Impression

The average human being creates a first impression in around 7 seconds. At NSG, we know that making a positive first impression is essential in business. Our janitorial and cleaning services are designed to help you impress customers, clients and employees from the outset. 

3.  Affordable Prices

We are proud to have a transparent pricing strategy, and believe in fair pricing for our customers. We offer free estimates and we can tailor services to suit all budgets. 

4.  Skilled, Experienced, Trained staff

Our team is skilled, experienced and highly trained. You can rest assured that your business premises are in safe hands.  We have over 40 years of experience and our leadership is well tenured, so you can expect quality with every interaction.  

What’s different about NSG?

NSG is not your run-of-the-mill Cincinnati commercial cleaning company. We strongly believe that we are the name to trust for janitorial management in Cincinnati. NSG is an established, reputable, family-run business with over 40 years of experience in delivering the highest quality custodian services in the Greater Cincinnati area. If you choose us, you can expect the following as standard:

  • Fast, responsive customer support
  • Access to highly-skilled, trained staff
  • Attention to detail
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Custom cleaning services and packages
  • Commitment to developing long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Proactive cleaning services
  • Monitoring and performance tracking to make continual progress
  • Customer focus: we offer unrivaled personal attention for every client

The advantages of professional janitorial solutions in Cincinnati

  • Focus on Your Core Business

  • Promote health and safety in the workplace

  • Create comfortable, safe, & welcoming working environments

  • Reduce the risk of health issues and staff absences through effective infection control and hygiene

  • Reduce hiring and recruitment costs by outsourcing commercial cleaning

Are you looking for janitorial or commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati? If so, we would love to hear from you. We offer free estimates and our friendly team is on hand to answer questions and provide advice about our services and fees.

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