Professional and proactive Facility disinfection

NSG provides professional, proactive office disinfection for businesses and organizations. The pandemic has posed additional challenges for companies and highlighted the need to find the right commercial disinfection partner. At NSG, we deliver targeted, customized solutions for businesses across multiple sectors. Our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind by creating safe, hygienic workplaces.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, it has never been more important to find cost-effective, high-quality, reliable office sanitizing and disinfection services. At NSG, we use innovative methods, combined with specialized equipment, advanced technology and effective chemicals to achieve optimum results. We utilize an EPA-registered disinfectant, which kills Covid-19 and protects against other threats and hazards without using harsh chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

DISINFECTION Services provided

From proactive fine mist disinfection to rapid response exposure cleaning, NSG offers a comprehensive range of disinfection solutions to safeguard your workforce.

Fine Mist Disinfection

We provide proactive and reactive fine mist disinfection services to lower risks and provide rapid protection for your workforce. We offer regular scheduled cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services, as well as exposure cleaning. We use an EPA-certified disinfectant to kill germs quickly and safely.

Anti-Microbial Barrier

Our experienced team utilizes cleaning and disinfection agents with an anti-microbial barrier to provide robust protection for up to 30 days. Our professional office disinfection services target existing threats and reduce the risk of recontamination.

Data-Driven Disinfection Services

When looking for a professional disinfecting service, it’s natural to want to find a company that delivers results. At NSG, we go the extra mile to exceed expectations and achieve optimum outcomes. We collect and analyze data to monitor performance, enhance customer confidence and deliver the highest-quality clean.

Ensure the Cleanliness & Safety of your Workspaces and Facilities

Ensuring the safety of employees, commercial tenants, and customers is paramount, especially in the midst of ongoing health concerns. Office disinfection serves as a vital measure to achieve this goal. Whether as a year-round precaution or a seasonal addition during flu months, implementing disinfection services is crucial. As businesses navigate the challenges of today's environment – be it in-office or hybrid workplaces, the importance of cleanliness remains of top importance. A clean facility not only fosters a sense of security but also encourages employees and visitors to return to the office confidently. NSG's disinfection services excel in delivering safety and efficacy, backed by tangible results that can be communicated effectively to management, employees, and visitors alike.

Safe & Effective Disinfection Services

Effective Cleaning and Disinfection

Our services reduce organism counts by 50%-99% as validated by swab testing. 

Comprehensive Cleaning

We utilize a combination of methods and techniques and proven, EPA-approved disinfection agents to deliver comprehensive cleaning.

Consistent Proven Results

We use cleaning methods and disinfectants that achieve consistent results. We test constantly to verify and validate the quality of our services. 

Safe & Free of Harsh Chemicals

We use an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill germs and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals. Our products contain No VOCs, no irritants, no harsh chemicals, and no nauseous fumes.  


If you’ve been searching for Covid disinfecting services near me, or you’re on a mission to find local, professional disinfecting services, you’ve come to the right place. NSG offers a comprehensive range of commercial disinfection and sanitation services to ensure your business premises and workplaces are clean, hygienic and safe.


If you choose NSG, you can start benefiting from proven disinfection techniques. We use pre and post disinfection data to monitor germ removal and rapid meters to validate a high level of cleaning and disinfection.


We understand that different clients have different needs. Our experienced team will work with you to determine which services are best suited to your business.


NSG has over 40 years of experience in providing local businesses with professional services. Our highly trained, skilled, knowledgeable team has the expertise to deliver incredible results.


Prevention is always better than cure. We offer regular, scheduled cleaning and disinfection, as well as exposure disinfection, to offer enhanced protection. Anti-microbial application protects surfaces for up to 30 days, reducing germs by 86%.


Our tailored experience, focus on results, love for our customers, and local presence are just the beginning! Learn more about what makes NSG stand out from the rest.



Ready to revolutionize your facility management? Get a quote from NSG today and experience unparalleled service tailored to your needs.

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