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How Do you Know if you have the right disinfection service partner?

Cleaning is more important than ever today. A clean facility helps employees and visitors feel safe to return back to the office.  NSG's disinfection services stand apart from competition because the process is built on delivering safety and efficacy that can be proven to management, employees and visitors.  When objective data is provided, employees can return to work in a safe and healthy way.


NSG's fine mist disinfection service uses an EPA registered disinfectant that kills germs and viruses, like COVID-19, but is still gentle enough for daily disinfecting.  The chlorine based disinfectant is comparable to the ingredients used in swimming pool chemicals.  It contains:

  • No VOCS
  • NO harsh chemicals
  • NON-irritating to skin
  • No nauseous fumes


NSG's disinfection services are unique because we provide objective results to prove that your facility is clean.

  • Germ Removal Data:  Pre and post disinfection data that detects germ removal each month or after office exposure is provided with every service.
  • Data Drives Confidence:  The rapid meter instantly confirms the level of clean and can be shared with employees to drive confidence.
  • 30 Day Protection:  The anti-microbial application protects surfaces for up to 30 days and has resulted in 86% decrease in germs overall.
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Learn how NSG's disinfection services can benefit your facility

Disinfection Services Provided

  • Fine Mist Disinfection

    • Regular Scheduled Cleaning 
    • Exposure Cleaning 

  • Anti-Microbial Barrier

    • Up to 30 Day Protection
    • Protects against re-contamination

  • Proven Data

    • RLU Testing detects organic materials
    • Instant results to drive confidence of clean

Disinfection Services Key Benefits

  • Effective

    Can reduce organism counts by 50-99% as validated by swab testing.

  • Comprehensive

    Fine mist covers hard and soft surfaces, floors and ventilation.

  • Consistant

    It takes 10 minutes of dwell time to effectively kill germs.  

  • Proven

    Our unique system tests surfaces before and after the disinfection service to validate level of clean.  

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Case Study


A Cincinnati based Top Fortune 25 company in a large owner-occupied high rise.  The company has over 1,000 GO based employees.


The client had employees working remotely for ~1+ year and wanted to explore options to safely return employees to their corporate headquarters.  They wanted to encourage face to face meetings, collaboration and improve connections within the team, BUT do so in a safe and healthy way that met employee's new post-pandemic expectations.


NSG implemented a fine mist disinfection service that improved cleanliness and built employee confidence to return to work safely.  With our unique two step system, surfaces are disinfected thoroughly and then we apply an antimicrobial barrier to protect against re-occurring germs for up to 30 days.

NSG was able to deliver a new service that provided monthly data proving that common high touch areas were clean and that the 30 day barrier helped to keep surfaces clean weeks after the initial service treatment.


  • Post the initial disinfection service, all 7 locations continue to have "hospital grade clean" surfaces. 
  • The 30-day barrier continues to prove effective as all tested sites are considered "clean" prior to disinfection.  
  • Since June 2021, our disinfection data demonstrates an 86% decrease for weighted average Pre-Disinfection RLU's across all locations.


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