Cincinnati Security Services You Can Trust

At NSG, we recognize the importance of building strong, lost-lasting relationships with our clients. We specialize in providing security services you can trust in Cincinnati.

The highly-trained, experienced NSG team offers first-class security guard services and unparalleled customer support. We are a local business that understands the value of taking good care of our clients. Offering access to regular updates and a single point of contact, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits of hiring the best security guards in Cincinnati.

We work with a diverse range of clients, providing customized, efficient, cost-effective solutions for every customer. From small businesses and growing start-ups to Fortune 25 companies, NSG has got you covered.

Custom Security Solutions:

We specialize in offering top-tier unarmed security services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in Cincinnati - whether you require basic security monitoring or customized security solutions.

Unarmed Guards

Our unarmed security guard services provide a reliable and professional presence to ensure the safety and security of your premises. With a focus on customer service and risk mitigation, our trained guards offer peace of mind for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's safeguarding your property, controlling access points, or monitoring CCTV systems, our unarmed security guards are equipped to handle any situation with professionalism and diligence.

Command Center Guards

Our command center security guard services offer high-level remote security solutions for businesses and organizations. We utilize proactive technologies and guarding services to identify and minimize threats, bolster security and increase efficiency for our clients. We have a wide range of services available to design custom packages for customers, including small businesses, large corporations and clients looking for enhanced security for events.

Desk Concierge Guards

Our desk concierge security services are designed to offer far-ranging benefits for businesses and organizations looking to enhance security while also improving efficiency and customer service. We want to give you peace of mind that your workplace or business premises are safe and secure. We use advanced technology combined with tried and tested methods to monitor communal areas and front-of-house spaces while ensuring customers, colleagues and clients get a positive first impression of your company.

Foot Patrol

Our experienced security team is proficient in carrying out foot patrols. We have 40 years of experience in protecting and guarding commercial and industrial premises. We utilize advanced technology to minimize risks and we customize our services to suit the requirements of each client. We can provide foot patrols that cater to your needs, preferences and budget.

Mobile Patrol

NSG offers agile, comprehensive mobile patrols. Our security teams act as a visible deterrent, providing peace of mind for clients. We offer options for every budget and our mobile patrols are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. With NSG, you can take advantage of the latest technology, continuous monitoring, on-demand response services and industry-specific solutions.

Never Worry About the Safety of Your Facility

Choosing the right security partner for your facility is not just a decision, it's a strategic investment in the safety and protection of your assets, employees, and customers. At NSG, we understand the gravity of this decision, which is why we've dedicated 40 years to perfecting our security services in Cincinnati. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means you're not just hiring a security team – you're partnering with a company that prioritizes professionalism, reliability, and innovation. In today's ever-evolving landscape, where threats can arise unexpectedly, having a trusted security partner is essential. Our local, tenured team brings unmatched expertise and vigilance, ensuring that your facility remains secure and your peace of mind intact. With personalized solutions, cutting-edge technology, and proactive management, NSG goes above and beyond to safeguard your business.

Safety, Security & Peace of Mind

At NSG, we understand the weight of the decision when selecting a security guard partner. With over 40 years of experience providing security guard services in Cincinnati, we've honed our expertise to ensure exceptional results.


Using the latest technology, we provide a wide range of proactive services to reduce risks and enhance safety and security. We utilize reporting software to drive accountability and improve outcomes. 

Hiring, Onboarding, Training

We employ rigorous processes to recruit, onboard, and train security guards, ensuring they possess the skills, experience, and character traits necessary to deliver exceptional services.

Mobile Floating Crews

Our cross-trained floating crew is ready to fill in for emergencies or leveraged for extra project work or training.

Proactive Management

NSG is a local team that is always available to speak to you in person. The Security OP’s Team and GM performs regularly scheduled site visits

What Makes a Good Security Partner?

At NSG, we understand the importance of making the right decision when it comes to choosing a security guard partner. We have been providing security guard services in Cincinnati for 40 years and we like to think that we know exactly what it takes to deliver results. We strongly believe that we are the right choice for your business. Here are the elements that we think make a good security guard partner:

  • A local, tenured team
  • High levels of training
  • Experienced cross-trained flex security guards
  • Custom web portal for real-time reports
  • Regular, consistent site contact
  • Barcode watch tours to drive accountability
  • Monthly reporting to identify and achieve business objectives and track key performance indicators
  • Tailored solutions for each customer
  • Outstanding customer service and support
  • Advanced, innovative technology
  • Proactive management

A Different Type of Security Partner


We are proud to serve clients in Cincinnati. We know the area well, we’re passionate about building strong bonds with our customers, we understand the local market and we have an excellent relationship with local law enforcement.


Providing security guard services is not just about protecting and securing premises for the NSG team. We provide a dedicated point of contact, we offer responsive support and we work with our clients to design and implement customized solutions.


Attention to detail is one of our founding core values and vital to security situations today. We will provide custom tools to ensure our guards are ready for every situation.


We don’t wait for incidents to happen. Our management team has over 40 years of experience so we know how to solve issues before they arise.


We are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have with existing customers and we go above and beyond to form strong ties with new clients.


NSG has a strong culture and core values that are based on our employees. We strive to do the right thing for our clients, the first time, every time.


Our tailored experience, focus on results, love for our customers, and local presence are just the beginning! Learn more about what makes NSG stand out from the rest.



Ready to revolutionize your facility management? Get a quote from NSG today and experience unparalleled service tailored to your needs.

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