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Security Services: Trust the right partner

When it comes to professionalism and commitment, the NSG security team delivers a local and experienced team that national providers can’t touch. NSG accounts receive regular and consistent site contact from our Security Services Director and team. Our clients recognize the value and convenience of a single point of contact. We are known for creating long-term, successful relationships with a wide variety of security services clients, from small businesses to Fortune 25 companies.

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Security Services provided

  • Unarmed guard services

  • Command Center Guards

  • Concierge Guards

Why we are different

  • Local

    Located in the Cincinnati’s central business district, NSG understands the NKY/Cincinnati market has built a strong relationship with local law enforcement

  • Hiring, Onboarding, Training

    Our recruiting team focuses exclusively on hiring individuals that fit the unique needs of each customer.

  • Technology

    NSG uses technology to drive accountability and deliver peace of mind.

  • Mobile Floating Crews

    Our cross-trained floating crew is ready to fill in for emergencies or leveraged for extra project work or training.

  • Proactive Management

    NSG is a local team that is always available to speak to you in person. The Security OP’s Team and GM performs regularly scheduled site visits.

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Case Study


Consumer Goods; Large high rise single tenant building


The customer was experiencing high turnover, unengaged guards, and unresponsive management with their existing security service provider. The customer was hesitant to change security services due to the high profile spot the guards occupied.  Additionally, they had the belief that most security companies would just provide the same level of service so why make a change?


The NSG team listened closely to the customer’s pain points.  Next NSG performed a thorough evaluation of the building and the guard team. Because of that evaluation it was determined that one guard’s work ethic and positive outlook was underutilized.  He worked on third shift and interaction with people was minimal. Therefore, NSG retained that guard and moved him to 1st shift. In addition, the dock was identified as an area of exposure. So, NSG recommended guard coverage during delivery hours.


NSG hired and trained a diverse security service guard team that blended seamlessly into the customer’s culture.  It also created a more secure environment by posting coverage at the dock for the crucial shift. While the total hours of weekly coverage went 168 hours to 208 hours, NSG was able to keep the customer within their allotted security budget. We are proud to say this customer is now a long-term partner. And we look forward to many more years providing them a safe and secure working environment!

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