First-Class facility Maintenance Services in Cincinnati

NSG is a leading Cincinnati, OH facility and building management company. With over 40 years of experience in providing clients with first-class facilities management services, we are the name to trust in Cincinnati for building maintenance and office repairs.

At NSG, we understand that your business premises and facilities are valuable assets. This is why it’s so important to find the right facility management partner. You can rely on NSG to go the extra mile to deliver high-quality, efficient services, competitive prices and unrivaled customer service and support.

The commercial real estate market is incredibly competitive. This means that it has never been more beneficial to invest in professional facilities management services. NSG offers superior facility maintenance services for Cincinnati businesses. We take care of everything from inner office relocations to site management for renovations, and routine maintenance, working with a broad spectrum of clients.

Comprehensive Facility Maintenance Solutions

From routine maintenance tasks to specialized solutions, we offer comprehensive support to keep your facilities operating smoothly. Whether you need basic upkeep or tailored maintenance plans, our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise and resources to deliver top-tier service, ensuring the optimal functioning and appearance of your premises.

Light routine maintenance

Routine maintenance serves as the backbone of efficient facility management, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance. Our comprehensive services encompass a wide spectrum of maintenance tasks, tailored to meet the unique needs of clients across diverse industries. From minor repairs to preventive measures, we adopt a flexible approach to accommodate varying schedules, budgets, and facility types.

Project Management

Our project management services are designed to help clients manage specific projects and deliver results and positive outcomes on time and on budget. We work closely with our customers to plan, implement and execute processes. Our experienced office repair team in Cincinnati is proficient in communication, safety management and analyzing costs. We can deliver renovations, light construction work, asset replacement and quality control.

Preventative Maintenance

Your facility is your biggest asset – take care of it before problems arise. Our team is experienced in preventative maintenance for over 40 years and Cincinnati NSG provide services to keep facilities running smoothly and efficiently. Our team will recommend a custom preventative maintenance plan that optimizes performance and lowers the risk of future issues.

Prolong Your Assets & Simplify Facility Management

Outsourcing your facility maintenance brings a multitude of benefits to your organization. It allows you to prioritize your core business activities while leaving the intricacies of maintenance to experts. This shift in focus enhances productivity and profitability, empowering you to drive your business forward. Partnering with a third-party also ensures that safety and compliance remain top priorities, as experienced professionals implement rigorous standards and protocols. By entrusting maintenance tasks to Cincinnati’s office repair and facility maintenance specialists at NSG, you can also extend the lifespan of your assets through proactive care and preventive measures, ultimately reducing long-term operational costs.

Proactive & Custom Maintenance Solutions

Custom Solutions

Customized needs assessment and service plan structured to meet your unique requirements. 


We provide experienced management and on-site supervision for your facility. 


We manage operations from on-going facility maintenance to on-site management of building renovations. 


We can provide workplace design specialists experienced in office layout and configuration. 

What makes a good facility maintenance partner?

Your facility is a prize asset and this is why it’s essential to team up with a Cincinnati facility management company you can trust. We believe a good family management partner offers the following:

  • An experienced local team with expert knowledge
  • 24/7 access to emergency services and 2-hour on-site guarantees
  • Innovative space design and construction project management services
  • Regular and consistent site contact
  • Mobile-based technology to carry out regular inspections
  • Monthly reporting to monitor and evaluate key performance objectives



Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with all of our customers. We want you to be part of the NSG family.


"If you call, we will answer," this is one of our core values. We prioritize customer support and service to ensure that you have access to a point of contact and that you feel able to approach us if you have questions, or you need information or advice. We’re here to help you.


We don’t believe in doing what it takes to get by. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and create long lasting relationships. We’ll always go the extra mile to provide the best quality services and deliver optimum results.


We strongly believe in being proactive and taking steps to protect our clients and save them time, effort and money. We prioritize preventative maintenance to give our clients peace of mind.


With over 40 years of experience helping businesses in Cincinnati with facility maintenance, the NSG team is meticulous when it comes to planning, project management and carrying out maintenance checks and tasks.


The NSG team is made up of highly skilled, trained, knowledgeable, experienced staff. Our tenured staff knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time and anticipates issues before they even occur.


Our tailored experience, focus on results, love for our customers, and local presence are just the beginning! Learn more about what makes NSG stand out from the rest.



Ready to revolutionize your facility management? Get a quote from NSG today and experience unparalleled service tailored to your needs.

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