What Are the Best Practices of a Good Commercial Janitorial Service?

What Are the Best Practices of a Good Commercial Janitorial Service

What sets an excellent janitorial service apart from its competition?

There are many commercial janitorial companies in the US, so understanding how to separate the best from the rest is important.   Any business owner or facility manager knows that the buildings and employees are companies’ most valuable assets.  It has never been more important than now to keep those facilities clean and employees healthy.  The best commercial janitorial companies have three key practices that make them successful including:  

  1. They know how to not only clean, but disinfect too – Successful commercial janitorial providers have extensive training not only in cleaning, but also disinfection.  The top commercial cleaning companies can create cleaning protocols that not only create clean work spaces, but also limit the spread of germs by disinfecting high touch areas like elevator buttons, door handles and conference rooms.  In the current climate, both your employees and visitors need to feel reassured that you’re taking your cleaning and disinfection seriously.
  2. They have a highly trained staff and management team- The most crucial quality to check is if the company not only has a comprehensive training program for the cleaning staff, but a strong management team.  A top commercial janitorial service should be well trained in the latest cleaning and disinfection procedures and able to create a cleaning protocol that meets your specific needs.  They should be prepared to develop custom solutions for your facility
  3. They provide a reliable and responsive service – In the service industry, you are relying on people and any experienced commercial janitorial company can tell you that having a back-up plan, and systems in place, to prevent issues in the first place is vital.  The best commercial janitorial partners will use technology to perform inspections and manage services.  Knowing when, and if, the cleaning crew has arrived, as well as if they are performing to the contact specs is vital and telephone timekeeping systems can help manage this.  Mobile crews that are cross trained to fill in for emergencies are also important assets that top commercial janitorial companies can provide. 

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