Why Should I Change My Commercial Janitorial Service?

janitorial cart in hallway of office building

Are you consistently experiencing slow service, missed shifts or less than clean spaces?   Then it might be time to consider a new janitorial service!

It is an important decision for many businesses when they choose to hire a commercial janitorial service to perform all of their cleaning needs. Business owners and building managers want the best service to protect the building assets and employees healthy and safety, while still maintaining established budgets.  If your existing service provider does not offer the following key benefits, it may be time to consider taking your business out to bid.  


With over 800,000 janitorial companies in the US today, you will want to make sure that the company you select has decades of experience as well as an established client base.  A top commercial janitorial service will be prepared to develop custom solutions for your facility.  Your current provider should be training the cleaning staff in the latest cleaning and disinfection procedures, especially during the pandemic.   


Be concerned if your current provider is not demonstrating accountability for completing the scope of work defined in the contract.  You should expect to have a strong management team that works with the janitorial staff.  The management team should be accessible and even available to make regular site visits, if necessary.  Technology, like daily time keeping systems, can be great tools to drive accountability as well.  


Finally, your commercial janitorial company should be offering comprehensive services.  While not all facilities will require the same services, having a professional janitorial company that has expertise across multiple cleaning vectors can help ensure that you are getting the latest and best solutions.  For example, in today’s current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to not only clean, but also disinfect for the health of all employees and visitors.  Fine mist fogging is an option to disinfect high touch and hard to clean areas. 

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