A Checklist to Follow When Hiring A Janitorial Service

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Are you considering hiring a janitorial service? Here is a complete checklist to follow before you make any decisions!

The following article summarizes the top ten questions that you should consider during the hiring process of a commercial janitorial service for your business.  Both business owners and property managers should consider these questions when taking your business out to bid.   

  1. How many years have you been in operation, and do you service any businesses similar to mine? – It is important to look for companies that have a long service history and are familiar with accounts similar to your business. 
  2. How do you screen your employees? – It is a good business practice to conduct background checks on all employees and to ensure prospective employees are interested in long term employment.  
  3. What training do you supply to your employees? – A professional commercial janitorial company will have a thorough safety program and be able to share how they plan to start up your account’s cleaning program, but also how they plan to consistently train employees on new cleaning procedures.  
  4. How do you manage your team and motivate them to work smarter and harder? – Strong commercial janitorial companies start with strong management teams that are accessible to the cleaning team, but also to the client on a regular basis.  
  5. Are they local? –  Local commercial janitorial providers with strong management teams can provide frequent site visits to conduct quality control and build ongoing team communication.  
  6. Will I get the same cleaners every time? –Look for commercial janitorial companies that have low turnover vs. industry standards and trained mobile response crews that are already familiar with your property should an employee get sick or not be able to cover a shift.  
  7. What other services are offered? – The best commercial janitorial companies will offer additional services including in house hard floor and carpet cleaning, as well as disinfection services.  
  8. How do you check for quality assurance? – Top commercial janitorial companies will have systems in place to ensure that employees arrive for their shift on time and are following aligned protocols.  Look for companies that invest in technology to help manage the team and foster strong work. 
  9. Are they eco-friendly? – Commercial janitorial companies may offer “green cleaning” options that include eco-friendly products and practices.  
  10. Will they inspect before offering you a quote? – This is key to the entire process and an important factor to the total cost.  Any reputable commercial janitorial company will need a comprehensive walk-through to understand the cleaning needs and the overall facility space.  

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