Cincinnati: What are the benefits of facility maintenance?

cincinnati facility maintenance

Benefits of Using a 3rd Party Commercial Facility Maintenance Partner

The decision to outsource facility maintenance to a 3rd party partner is important but can be time consuming and challenging.   NSG is a family owned and operated business offering complete commercial building solutions to the Cincinnati/NKY area for the past 30 years.  We know that facilities are typically one of the most expensive assets for any company, so protecting them is vital to the long-term health of your business.  Routine and preventative maintenance are the foundation for the safety of your employees and visitors.  As a family owned, local company, NSG brings the following benefits as a commercial facility maintenance partner: 

Local and experienced management team

 As a local company with decades of experience, NSG is invested in Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, and we know the surrounding communities.  We form relationships with city leaders, other local service companies, and most importantly can be there, in person, when an issue arises.  Our team is made up of skilled technicians and managers that work together to deliver 24/7 emergency service if needed and we also have a 2-hour onsite guarantee.  Our team’s core purpose is to deliver ‘peace of mind’ through a clean and safe work environment.  NSG team members live that every day by proactively meeting with our clients, listening to their needs, and creating customized solutions.

NSG invests in technology to drive accountability

  NSG uses software that manages assets and can assign and confirm when work is completed.  Our clients use this application to easily request work orders and our management team can consistently confirm that tenants’ concerns are quickly addressed.   These real-time reports keep building owners and facility management up to date on progress.  This can also streamline how day-to-day problems are fixed on time and within budget.   Another feature that NSG is proud to offer is monthly key performance indicator reporting. Our leadership team will meet with the client and complete an evaluation of our overall service.  NSG believes that strong communication at all levels drives accountability.   

Complete facility maintenance services

NSG offers routine and preventative maintenance.  While routine maintenance is the core of what many facility maintenance companies offer, NSG prides itself on also having 30 years of preventative maintenance experience as well.  Having deep knowledge of the lifespan of a building’s plumbing and electrical mechanics, as well as maintaining accurate records of inspections and servicing can save money and time.  In addition to delivering on the typical facility maintenance tasks, NSG is also able to offer construction management and space design.  These services are helpful as Cincinnati companies are ever evolving and need to utilize their spaces in the best possible way.  We have experience and expertise that ranges from moving a group of cubicles to constructing and re-purposing a completely new floor.  Enrolling a facility maintenance team for these types of projects allows your team to focus on delivering the core business. 

Our core values drive our actions

  One of the primary reasons NSG is different than other commercial facility maintenance partners is that we live by our core values, and they are a part of everything we do at NSG.  One of our core values is, “if you call, we will answer”.  This is important to our everyday life at NSG because it means that anyone on the team will personally respond to our customers, because they matter to us.  This core value is built after an actual employee that has been with NSG for the past 8 years.  He is known to answer the phone day or night for employees or customers.  Our employees are working hard every day to deliver solutions for their customers in Cincinnati.

NSG Inc specializes in facility maintenance and management services, and we believe our culture, local management presence and work verification efforts deliver a superior service that allows you to focus on your core business.   NSG Inc should be your first call if you have been searching for a professional facility maintenance service for your business or company. You can contact NSG via the phone on (513) 621-5018 or email on