Client Profile

One of NSG’s clients, a prominent local hotel, that is part of a much larger brand and family of hotels, was facing several security challenges that impacted their operations, guest satisfaction, reviews and brand perception.

The Challenge

Before partnering with NSG, the hotel experienced several issues with their previous security provider:

  • National Call Center: The hotel had no local point of contact, making it difficult to address security concerns promptly.
  • Lack of Coverage: Frequent missed shifts and no-shows were common, with no immediate solution available.
  • Disconnected Management: The hotel staff often struggled to get in touch with a manager or to see any on-site presence from a security manager or General Manager (GM).

The Task

The hotel was hesitant to switch to a new security provider due to the complexity and risks involved in the transition. They needed a solution that ensured a seamless switch with minimal disruption. NSG proposed a verified transition process to address these concerns, which included:

  • Key Requirements Meeting: NSG and the hotel management met to understand and align on key requirements, timing, and expectations.
  • Onboarding Meeting: An in-house process champion from NSG developed custom post orders tailored to the hotel’s specific needs, at no additional cost.
  • Introduction to Local Team: NSG introduced the hotel’s management to their locally based security GM and a 24/7 management team to ensure alignment with post orders.
  • Live and Local Field Manager: A dedicated NSG field manager was set up to be mobile and responsive to any issues.

Our Actions

To ensure the transition was smooth and effective, NSG implemented several key actions:

  • GPS-Tracked Manager Visits: Manager visits were tracked via GPS to ensure at least one oversight visit per week.
  • Monthly Customer Surveys: Regular surveys were conducted to capture client feedback and identify areas for improvement.
  • Monthly Senior Management Touchpoints: On-site visits from senior management were conducted monthly to maintain high standards and address any concerns.

The Result

The implementation of NSG’s comprehensive security services resulted in significant improvements for the hotel:

  • 100% Coverage of All Shifts: NSG provided consistent and reliable security coverage, eliminating the issue of missed shifts.
  • Enhanced Security for VIPs and Events: NSG was able to offer additional coverage for in-town VIPs, national sports teams, and other special events, enhancing the hotel’s reputation for security.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: Regular feedback mechanisms and on-site presence ensured continuous improvement and client satisfaction.


NSG’s tailored approach and verified transition process enabled the hotel to overcome its security challenges and achieve reliable, high-quality security services. This partnership not only improved the hotel’s operational efficiency but also enhanced the safety and satisfaction of its guests.

By focusing on local, responsive, and customized security solutions, NSG continues to set a high standard for security services in the hospitality industry in Cincinnati.



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