How Do You Evaluate A Security Guard Service?

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What’s the best way to evaluate unarmed security guard services for your property?

If you’re considering an unarmed commercial security guard service, there are important factors to consider.  To help you choose the best security guard service for your business or property, we have prepared some simple questions that will help you quickly evaluate which companies to request bids from in order to begin the hiring process.  

  1.  Do they have experience providing security for a business similar to yours? With many security guard companies available across the nation, it is best to find providers that have experience in facilities that are similar to yours. Understanding if they have experience in office space, medical offices or even distribution centers that require desk concierge guards vs. mobile or roving patrols will help drive success from the onset. 
  2. Do they have experience and operate in your city? While national accounts can offer certain benefits, it is also important to consider if the guard company has local ties and experience working in and around your city.  Close relationships with local police and other safety advocate groups can be paramount to getting the best service.  These companies can also commit to face to face meetings and frequent site visits to ensure issues are quickly resolved.  
  3. What type of technology are they using? Leading commercial security guard companies should have technology systems in place to regularly report any unwanted activity so that business owners and building managers are up to date with the overall safety of the building and the employees. Facility managers and building owners need to be well informed of all situations. Mobile technology can also be used to ensure guards are on time and at the correct checkpoint, eliminating unnecessary concern.  

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