How to Find Quality Professional Office Cleaning Services in Cincinnati

Cincinnati floor cleaning

 NSG has provided commercial janitorial cleaning services to the Cincinnati/NKY area for the past 30 years.  Our janitorial team is made up of trained cleaners, disinfection specialists, operational managers, and our leadership team.  This team ensures that we are meeting and exceeding expectations to our diverse clients.  NSG is different than other commercial cleaning companies for several reasons and we often get feedback that those differences are why clients not only choose NSG as their cleaning partners, but why we have long standing relationships with many of our clients, lasting decades.  Some of the most impactful reasons, NSG stands out from other companies include: 

Regular and consistent site contact locally in Cincinnati

At NSG, our management team is local and experienced.  They are here in the Cincinnati/NKY area to meet with clients before problems arise and they have decades of experience and know how to anticipate issues before they arise.  Our team’s core purpose is to deliver ‘peace of mind’ through a clean and safe work environment.  We live that every day by meeting with our clients regularly to discuss what’s working and any new changes needed to the cleaning protocol.  Our senior leadership works with operation managers to make sure they are checking sites nightly and that employees are working their full shifts. We know that our clients want familiar faces in their facilities that know their property and expectations.  By working as a team with our cleaners and managers, our clients can enjoy a clean and safe work environment with a cleaning team that they know and trust. 

Tools to drive accountability

NSG has invested in technology to drive the accountability of our staff and to ultimately drive the total level of clean.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from potential new clients is that they are not able to tell whether the staff is on site for their shifts.  This is especially true during the 3rd shift.  NSG provides a timekeeping system that ensures employees are clocking in and out at the appropriate time and place. Another tool that helps drive accountability and sets NSG apart is a mobile-based technology that we use to perform inspections.  As project work is completed or standard cleaning protocols are finished for the shift, managers check in and do a quality assessment.  Our operation managers check key areas of the facility and document, with pictures, to make sure the agreed cleaning protocol was followed.  Clients can be assured that NSG delivers quality work.  The final accountability tool NSG offers is a monthly report of our key performance indicators.  Our leadership team will meet with the client and complete an evaluation of our overall service.  NSG believes that strong communication at all levels drives accountability. 

Our core values drive our actions

One of the primary reasons NSG is different than other professional office cleaning services is that we live by our core values, and they are a part of everything we do at NSG.  One of core values is, “if you call, we will answer”.  This is important to our everyday life at NSG because it means that anyone on the team will personally respond to our customers because they matter to us.  This core value is built after an actual employee that has been with NSG for the past 8 years.  He is known to answer the phone day or night for employees or customers.  Our employees are working hard every day to deliver solutions for their customers. 

Prepared for emergencies in Cincinnati

 If a facility owner or property manager has ever hired a professional office cleaning service, they know that people will not always be on time or show up.  Because NSG is an experienced commercial cleaning service, we plan ahead and train a floating crew that can fill in for emergencies.  This mobile crew is another resource that is trained on the specific property and knows the cleaning protocol.   While no one can predict hiring trends or the economy, this has become increasingly more important over time, especially during the pandemic. 

Hiring a new cleaning service can be intimidating; our team will make it run smoothly and quickly.  

One of NSG’s keys to success is ensuring a smooth transition from one company to another.  It starts by having a team that is prepared and understands the key processes and parameters for beginning a new service.  NSG has well documented procedures and policies that we will lead the team through.  These serve as a starting point to build complete and robust cleaning protocols for the team.  We can retain any current cleaners that the customer desires and build a new team that is thorough and accountable.  Our experienced management team documents how to best set up a new account so the transition is seamless to the client, and we use that process to expediate the startup process. 

The quality of a professional cleaning service is more important than ever.  NSG prides itself on delivering experienced leaders and a quality cleaner that are trained for your specific needs.  Coupling experience along with comprehensive onboarding and the latest technology to drive accountability is also paramount.  Finally, being a local and family-owned business means that NSG can be present, and in person, to build a long-term relationship with our clients.   If your facility is in need of a commercial cleaning service, please contact NSG at or call us at 513-621-5018.