How to Hire a Commercial Security Guard Service!

How to Hire a Commercial Security Guard Service

Key steps and insights to hiring the best commercial security guard service for your facility. 

The following article provides detailed steps for hiring a commercial security guard service for your business.  Knowing the industry standards and key insights will make the process easier and helps ensure your facility is satisfied after the choice is made.   

The first step is narrowing down the list to a few commercial security companies that you would like to explore.  With thousands of companies nation-wide, there are many choices as you begin the process.  One key tip is to look for commercial security companies that specialize in your local area.  The best commercial security guard companies will have strong relationships with local law enforcement and actively participate with agencies that promote safety.  Hiring a local company that knows the area and has a pulse on the community will help any business succeed long term. 

The next few steps involve interviewing and reviewing contracts with your lead commercial security companies.  Commercial security guards and the management team need extensive training in the latest safety and emergency situations.  Make sure you understand the management philosophy on guard training.  Are they providing robust, yet easy to execute procedures, that ensure guards can make the best choice for any emergency situation?  You will also want to confirm that security guard management is available to speak to you in person and to make frequent site visits if needed.  

Another tip is to ask if the company uses technology to help drive accountability.  Leading commercial security guard companies should have systems in place to regularly report any unwanted activity so that business owners and building managers are up to date with the overall safety of the building and the employees.  Technology can also be used to ensure guards are on time and at the correct checkpoint, eliminating unnecessary concern.  

Finally, make sure that the contract reflects a custom solution that works for your facility.  Reputable commercial security guard companies will meet at your facility to learn the layout and any top concerns and issues.  They should deliver a customized specific security plan to meet your individual needs.  

Hiring a commercial security guard service is a great way to ensure that your employees and any visitors feel safe and secure.  In addition to these tips, you can also ask prospective companies to provide references or case studies.  These tips and tools will help you select the best company for your business.   

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