How to Improve Your Cincinnati Security Guard Team

Cincinnati guard and management

NSG has provided certified security guards to the Cincinnati/NKY area for the past 30 years.  Our security team is made up of unarmed guards, operational managers, and our leadership team to provide consistent and complete coverage for our clients.  NSG is different than other security guard companies for several reasons and we often get feedback that those differences are why clients not only choose NSG as their security provider, but why we have long standing relationships with many of our clients lasting decades.  Some of the most impactful reasons, NSG stands out from other companies include: 

  • We know that in today’s world, call offs will happen, but we are prepared.  NSG has been providing security guard services for over 30 years, so we know the key issues and watch outs in the industry.  We pride ourselves on hiring the best security team and training them with local managers, so they are prepared and knowledgeable.  What we also recognize is that we are in the “people business” and when you provide a service to clients, you need a strong team that is visible and present every day.  When we start an account, we not only train the guard team, but we also train a flex team.  This flex team consists of cross-trained guards that are knowledgeable of your site, understand key post orders and are familiar with the people and procedures.   The reason this is so important is because we know that people get sick, call off or have family emergencies.  This flex team is our way to create an ongoing back up so we can help ensure your facility is protected.  This has becoming even more important in the past year of the pandemic.  While no one can predict the economy or hiring trends, we believe that having a flex team is one important service we can offer to help our clients daily.  Our clients want regular, familiar faces to greet employees and to watch over their property and assets.  Having a certified security guard team that is available as a consistent backup is key to providing complete service that your business deserves. 
  • Our management team will listen and create custom solutions for your business.  At NSG, we are accustomed to working with big and small companies alike.  When our leadership team is assessing a possible new client, we insist on listening to the client’s needs, current problems, and how they want to move forward.  Our senior team has experience in finding unique solutions for each client.  Our solutions include guards that are patrol designated areas on foot or by car, guards that are stationed at desks to interact and check in visitors or employees, as well as guards that monitor cameras and provide coverage up to 24 hours/day, 365 days a year. 
  • NSG security team uses technology to drive accountability.  In addition to coverage solutions, NSG has technology that we can use to create solutions to current problems.  We often hear that it is unclear if guards have checked doors, specific areas or patrolled certain spaces on each shift.  We offer bar scan tours that we can set up and then monitor to ensure guards are where they should be each shift.  Finally, we also offer daily activity reports that summarize any guard activity, issues, or emergencies throughout the shift.  This not only informs the next shift but also the client so everyone is on the same page and can be anticipating next steps. 
  • An experienced management team will drive better communication.  One of our key strengths at NSG is providing solutions on how to improve better communication.  Many of our new clients leave their current security guard company because they do not get regular or consistent contact from management.  They often tell us that guard shifts are not covered and that they have not seen or talked to a manager in weeks.  NSG stands apart from other security guard companies because we are local and experienced.  Our management and leadership team believe in meeting regularly to fix problems before they become issues.  We not only meet with clients to solve ongoing issues, but we also do regular checks to make sure our guards are present, on time and dressed in a professional and clean manner.  These site visits help drive consistency and allow the client to focus on their business. 
  • Switching accounts can be time consuming; our team will make it run smoothly and quickly.   One of NSG’s keys to success is ensuring a smooth transition from one company to another.  It starts by having a team that is prepared and understands the key processes and parameters for beginning a new service.  NSG has well documented procedures for emergencies like fires, floods, theft, or unwanted visitors.  These serve as a starting point to build complete and robust post orders for the team.  We can retain any officers that the customer desires and build a new team that is responsive and thorough.  Our security guards are certified through a multiple interview process and background check with the state.  Our experienced management team documents how to best set up a new account so the transition is seamless to the client, and we use that process to expediate the startup process. 

The quality of your security guard team is vital to your facility’s overall safety.  NSG prides itself on delivering experienced leaders and quality guards that are trained for your business.  Coupling experience along with comprehensive onboarding and the latest technology to drive accountability is also paramount.  Finally, being a local and family-owned business means that NSG knows the Cincinnati/NKY market, neighborhoods, and local police.  Being local also means that our leadership team can be present, in person, to help solve issues if ever needed.   If your facility is in need of unarmed certified security guards, please contact NSG at or call us at 513-621-5018.