What Are the Key Skills of a Good Security Guard?

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What should you be looking for when you’re considering hiring a security guard?

In today’s ever-changing world, security guards are more important than ever.  If your facility is searching for a new unarmed security guard company, you will quickly learn that there are many companies providing security services.  While there are many factors that will help guide your decision, it is important to remember that security guards services are rooted in a “people” business, first and foremost.  For that reason, look for companies that have guards that demonstrate these 3 top skills:  

  1. Responsible – Commercial security guard companies help protect buildings and employees, which are a company’s biggest asset.   It is paramount therefore, that guards and their management team are responsible.  Look for teams that have strong support from management and tools to help drive accountability.
  2. Professional – For many businesses, their security guards are the first people that employees and visitors meet. They should look and act professionally at all times.  Ensure that guards will be expected to wear clean uniforms and badges, but also that they can interact with visitors in and around the building. 
  3. Trained – Security guards are the eyes and ears of your facility.  Teams should have extensive training and procedures developed to handle any situation.  Confirm that guards are highly trained in emergency scenarios and safety protocols.  

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