What Should You Be Looking for In A Security Guard Service?


What should your business be looking for when it comes to hiring a security guard?

Hiring a security guard for your business is a big step that involves a lot of thought and planning. With thousands of professional security guard companies nationwide, you need to take a close look at your key needs and what sets some commercial security guard companies apart from others.   

In the following article, we’re going to be looking at some of the factors to consider before hiring a professional security guard service for your business. 

  1. Training and Experience – An excellent security guard service should have extensive training in the latest safety and security issues, including emergency scenarios and safety protocols.  At NSG Inc, our philosophy on guard training is to deliver robust yet easy to execute procedures that ensure our guards will make the best choice in every situation.  Our techniques have proven successful in reducing guard errors and keeping clients satisfied.  
  2. Responsiveness – When it comes to hiring a commercial security guard service, ensuring that the team and the management staff is easily accessible is important. Unlike national providers, NSG is a local team of managers that are always available to speak in person.  Frequent site contact is performed by the director of security and top leadership is always available if needed.  
  3. Accountability –Small and large facilities alike, can experience many different daily issues including potential security concerns, fire or medical emergencies or unwanted visitors and facility managers and building owners need to be well informed of all situations.  At NSG Inc, our employees are trained to provide Daily Activity Reports in real time at the end of each shift.  Bar code watch tours are also available to ensure consistency.  

Hiring a security service to protect the safety and well-being of your employees and clients, is an important decision.  NSG is specialized in highly trained, unarmed guards and mobile patrols and our qualified and licensed security guards, combined with our experienced leadership and unrivaled personal attention are reasons our clients keep coming back to us.  

NSG Inc specializes in both security guard services and janitorial services. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, NSG should be your first call if you have been searching for professional security guards for your commercial property. You can contact NSG Inc for security guard services via the phone on (513) 621-5018 or email on sales@nsg-inc.com.