Reasons to Use A Security Guard Service at Your Business

Security Guard Service in Cincinnati, OH

Thinking about hiring a security guard service, but you’re not sure where to start?

Establishing or changing commercial security guard partners is an important decision.  There are a variety of different variables to consider, and various reasons why you use may require a security guard service at your business. In the following article, we’ll be looking at some of the most common reasons why businesses choose to hire commercial security guards for their business. 

  1. Crime Prevention – Having a vigilant security guard service can significantly improve loss prevention. Businesses can experience theft both internally with their own employees or externally with guests or unwanted visitors.  A professional security guard service can deter this activity inside your commercial property. 
  2. Fast approved response times- Onsite guards that have extensive training in the latest safety and security issues are critical to fast and appropriate solutions to emergencies of all types.  Guards can be the “ears and eyes” of the property, which is typically a business’ largest asset.  Watch tours can readily report frequent issues like water damage quickly to limit damage.  Commercial security guards are not only positioned at key entrances and busy areas of properties for immediate assistance, but they can also protect by monitoring cameras and contacting the police, fire, or other authorities as needed. 
  3. Creates a safe working environment – Having a security guard on-site establishes an atmosphere of safety and reassures both your staff and your visitors that you care for their well-being.  Commercial security guards are often the first contact that outside visitors and employees experience and can help welcome and direct them around the building.  Commercial security guards that are well dressed, polite, and highly trained will reassure employees and visitors of their safety and well-being.  
  4. Create healthy workspaces – While commercial security guards’ primary role is to monitor and deter unwanted activity, guards are also able to help keep facilities not only safe but also healthy.  In today’s changing world, commercial security guards can also take temperatures or provide health screening questionnaires. Monitoring access coupled with good janitorial and disinfection practices can keep employees healthier. Today, creating healthy workspaces is an important and timely topic for business owners and employees alike.  

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