What to Consider Before Renewing Your Security Guard Contract

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Before you renew your security guard contract, you will want to consider the following key questions!

Making the decision to extend your unarmed security guard service is important.  There are many companies and many different types of services, so before you sign any contracts, here are some great questions to consider before continuing your contract.  

  1.  Are they responsive? Are you getting reliable service and good communication?  The best companies will be able to make frequent site visits to ensure procedures are being followed and to prevent any communication issues before they start.  
  2. What training do they provide?  Are the guards trained in the latest safety and security issues including emergency scenarios and safety protocols?  
  3. Do they offer multiple services? The best guard services are able to provide security desk services, but also concierge services at key entry and exit locations, as well as mobile patrol services.  
  4. Are you receiving good customer service?  Not only should you expect guards to be friendly and professional but they should have a strong management team backing them up on a daily basis.  
  5. Can they customize services to suit you? The commercial security guard service should offer to meet at your facility to learn the layout and provide customized solutions that address your top concerns and issues.
  6. Do they use the latest technology? Technology systems can regularly report unwanted activity and keep building managers and building owners up to date.  
  7. Do they offer periodic inspections and evaluations? While all companies expect guard services to be seamless, there is also always room for improvement so consider if they offer regular evaluations and have technology to drive compliance.  

NSG Inc specializes in premium security guard services. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, NSG should be your first call if you have been searching for professional security guards for your business or company. You can contact NSG Inc for security guard services via the phone on (513) 621-5018 or email at sales@nsg-inc.com.