What Is the Responsibility of a Security Guard Service?


What are the responsibilities of a commercial security guard service, and how could they help you?

Making the decision to hire or change commercial security guard services is important.  With many different options available nationally and locally, it is important to understand the key responsibilities of an unarmed commercial security guard.  In the following article, we’ll take a look at some of the different responsibilities that a professional security guard service can provide to business owners and facility managers. 

The first and foremost responsibility of commercial security guards is being prepared for the many different daily issues that large and small facilities can experience.  Commercial guard services need to be prepared for potential security concerns, including fire and medical emergencies and even unwanted visitors.  Trained guards that have clear policies and procedures for handling any situation is more important now than ever.  Not only should they have approved procedures for these types of emergencies, but they should also ensure that the entire team is responsive.  The top commercial security guard companies will have trained staff that are prepared and a management team that is also responsive and available to assist in any situation if needed.  

 A second key responsibility is providing customer service to both employees and visitors alike.  Security guards stationed at key entrance and exits are typically the first line of contact.  Having an experienced, well-dressed, and a polite security guard is a seamless way to improve customer service and reassure employees and visitors that they are entering a safe facility.  

A third and more recent responsibility of commercial security guards is to help keep facilities not only safe, but also healthy.  Commercial security guards typically already monitor key entrance and exit points and are positioned well to help limit access during this pandemic. Commercial security guards can take temperatures, provide health screening questionnaires and monitor mask compliance to help keep your facility safe and healthy.  

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