What Areas Should Be Getting Cleaned Now More Than Ever?

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Your Janitorial service is cleaning but are they neglecting these crucial areas?


Commercial janitorial businesses are responsible for cleaning according to your center’s specifications and specific requirements. This typically means that regular tasks like cleaning restrooms, kitchens and break rooms along with gathering garbage and vacuuming floors are the crucial focus areas. These jobs are definitely essential, but today, it is more important than ever to concentrate on other crucial disinfection tasks that can assist keep your workers and visitors healthy and safe.


As employees and visitors start to populate buildings again, there is a demand to make sure that “high touch” areas are clean and disinfected routinely. These locations consist of surface areas like elevator buttons, railings, light switches, conference tables as well as restroom and kitchen faucet handles. Top commercial janitorial companies can offer a procedure to keep these locations sanitized. Expect a good commercial cleaning company to establish a list of your center’s high touch locations and a recommendation on how often to disinfect them.


In addition to “high touch” areas, it is also crucial to not overlook surface areas that are typically thought of to be “hard to clean”. Worker offices or cubicles including their desks, chairs and even office furniture like filing cabinets, and so on are surface areas that take a long time to wipe down thoroughly. To disinfect those areas, top commercial janitorial services also have the technology to deliver a fine mist disinfection solution that can cover practically any surface area. Fine mist disinfection is 10x faster than hand wiping alone and offers a more even coverage and disinfection time to kill the viruses. The disinfection solutions are safe and virtually residue free. Companies can also supply pre and post testing of surface areas to determine germ kill so that staff members are re-assured that surfaces are safe for usage.


Both of these services are essential, however should be in addition to the regular clean your commercial janitorial company is currently providing. Commercial janitorial companies are professionals in cleaning and disinfection and can help centers become a safer and healthier place for workers and visitors.


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