What are some of the key factors you should look for before hiring a commercial cleaning company to service your facility?

Whenever you start looking for a commercial janitorial company to service your facility, you should focus on a few important factors.  Business owners and building managers want the best service to protect the building, as well as the employees’ health and safety.  Here are some top factors to consider when you are exploring commercial cleaning companies.   

  1. Do they have experience and are they well trained?  Understanding how long the company has been in business, as well as if they have similar accounts to yours will be important to getting off to a good start.  The cleaning team and their management team should be well trained in the latest cleaning and disinfection procedures and able to create a cleaning protocol that meets your specific needs.  
  2. How do they ensure accountability?   Top commercial janitorial companies will prepare bids to earn your business that are based on your specific needs.  Ensuring that the specs are met, each week, is vital.  Technology can be a great tool to drive accountability.  Ask prospective commercial janitorial companies if they have web and mobile systems in place to perform inspections and schedule project work.  Ensure that they have a strong management team that works with the janitorial staff and that can even make regular site visits. 
  3.  What other services do they provide?  While not all facilities will require the same services, choosing a professional janitorial company that has expertise across multiple cleaning vectors can help ensure that you are getting the latest and best solutions. For example, during the flu season, a fine mist fogging solution to disinfect high touch and hard to clean areas might be important.  If your facility has carpets, it may be important to determine if they can offer in-house carpet cleaning to help maintain its condition.

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