What You Should Look for In A Janitorial Service!

What You Should Look for In A Janitorial Service

Are you considering hiring a commercial janitorial service for your business but don’t know what to look for? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Understanding what to look for in a commercial janitorial service can be challenging. In the following article, we’ll be looking closely at what you should be looking for before you commit to any cleaning company.

Let’s face it, when it comes to commercial janitorial services, there are many choices.  Ensuring that your business is set up for success means finding a high-quality, commercial cleaning company that is highly trained, comprehensive, and reliable.  In this article, we’ll cover these important factors so you are interviewing and signing a contract with the best.  

  1.  Highly trained staff and management team- The most crucial quality to check is if the company not only has a comprehensive training program for the cleaning staff but a strong management team.  A top commercial janitorial service should be well trained in the latest cleaning and disinfection procedures and able to create a cleaning protocol that meets your specific needs.  They should be prepared to develop custom solutions for your facility.  It is often helpful to make sure that the management team is accessible and even available to make regular site visits, if necessary.  Frequent site contacts from management can often stop issues before they start or quickly address concerns.
  2. Comprehensive services – While not all facilities will require the same services, choosing a professional janitorial company that has expertise across multiple cleaning vectors can help ensure that you are getting the latest and best solutions.  In today’s current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to not only clean but also disinfect for the health of all employees and visitors.  Top commercial janitorial services offer fine mist fogging as an option to disinfect high touch and hard to clean areas.  They may also be able to clean your facility’s carpets to help maintain the condition and so you do not have to then hire an additional company. 
  3. Reliability – In the service industry, you are relying on people and any experienced commercial janitorial company can tell you that having a back-up plan, and systems in place, to prevent issues in the first place is vital.  The best commercial janitorial partners will use technology to perform inspections and manage services.  Knowing when, and if, the cleaning crew has arrived, as well as if they are performing to the contact specs is vital and telephone timekeeping systems can help manage this.  Mobile crews that are cross-trained to fill in for emergencies are also important assets that top commercial janitorial companies can provide. 

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