Why Are Security Guards Important in Communities Like Cincinnati?

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Security guards play an important role in any community and NSG security guards play that important role in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky market.  Security guards are responsible for maintaining order and safety in businesses and public places like parks and recreational areas.  Security guards can help protect people and property from potential threats, help prevent crime, and provide a sense of security and peace of mind. 

NSG is protecting Cincinnati businesses in many ways

In today’s world, security guards are more important than ever. At NSG, our security guards are trained to protect people and property in a variety of ways. They can patrol an area to deter crime, respond to security alarms, and investigate suspicious activity. However, that is not all that our guards are positioned to carry out.  NSG security guards can also provide guidance and assistance to people who are lost or in need of help, especially if that guards is stationed as concierge guard in a lobby area. Our guards are also able to provide important information to law enforcement and other emergency personnel, such as descriptions of suspects or witnesses. Security guards also help to create a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy. Our roving guards that are on patrol can monitor and restrict access to certain areas, provide crowd control, and help to ensure that everyone is behaving appropriately. Security guards can also act as a deterrent to crime, as potential criminals may think twice before attempting to commit a crime in an area that is being monitored by security personnel.

Guards can do more than just protect

Our NSG team provides more than just protection from unwanted visitors and guests.  We know that creating a positive atmosphere, in turn makes customers and employees to feel secure.  Often though, a company’s building is one of their most important assets.  NSG guards are valuable because they can also act as the eyes and ears to any building.  Guards can make rounds throughout the building and be trained to notice water leaks and potential hazards.  Our guards can alert maintenance more quickly and often help a bad situation from getting worse and more expensive.  We have often been able to help on the weekends and night shifts when the buildings are typically empty and there is no one monitoring the site.   Having a guard there not not only protect the property but also serve as a first line of defense when it comes to common maintenance issues is vital to our customers. 

Communities rely on guards with these three qualities

Communities like Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have many important and influential businesses to protect.  Hiring guards that possess three key qualities will help ensure their buildings and employees are safe. 

  • Professionalism – For many businesses, their security guards are the first people that employees and visitors meet. At NSG, guards are expected to look and act professionally at all times.  The NSG management team conducts regular and consistent checks to make sure guards are wearing clean uniforms and proper badges.  Our team does extensive training when beginning an account to make sure that post orders and developed and followed.  Security guards are the eyes and ears of your facility.  NSG security has extensive training and procedures developed to handle any situation.  Our guards are highly trained in emergency scenarios and safety protocols specific to your facility.
  • Accountability – Commercial security guard companies help protect buildings and employees, which are a company’s most important assets.   NSG believes in not only having accountable security guards but also accountability among their management team.  We know that problems will and do occur but how issues are resolved make all the difference.  The NSG security team drives accountability via training and technology to track and respond to real times issues. 
  • Dependable- During the pandemic and afterwards, the world has really moved to a remote workforce.  However, having guards on site is still as important as ever.  Knowing that guards are on site and on time is paramount now more than ever.  We know guards protect employees and visitors but they also protect properties, buildings and assets.  If a guard misses a shift, the business can be at risk,  At NSG, our guard team does not miss shifts.  NSG makes sure that a team of flex guards is trained on your site so that call offs and sickness does not make a negative impact.  NSG management is also there to regularly check that guards are in position and ready for their shift.  Investing in technology to track guards’ whereabouts and using bar scans to show that key areas are being checked is all part of the NSG guard service. 

Security guards are a valuable asset to any community, providing a sense of safety and security. They can help to deter crime and provide guidance and assistance to those in need. If you are looking to provide a safe and secure environment for your customers and employees, hiring a security guard is a great way to do so.  Look for teams that have strong support from management, and tools to help drive team responsibility for your property.  If your facility is in need of unarmed certified security guards, please contact NSG at www.nsg-inc.com or call us at 513-621-5018.