Why Are Commercial Janitorial Services Important & Beneficial In Today’s Changing World?

Commercial janitorial services have always been important as expert cleaning partners for big and small facilities alike, but today, they are even more important because they can also offer disinfection services.  After at least ten months of COVID-19 onset, cleaning, but also disinfection, has become paramount in everyday life.  

As business owners and property managers are faced with how to return employees to work, it is worthwhile to partner with a reputable commercial janitorial company to develop cleaning and disinfection protocols.  As key experts in cleaning procedures, tools and the latest tips and trends, they are at the forefront of how to keep employees and visitors safe.  

As you partner with a commercial janitorial company, there are three elements to a solid cleaning protocol during these trying times.  Commercial janitorial services will include daily cleaning procedures, high touch disinfection and finally a fine mist disinfection.  The combination of these key elements are best practices for how to keep employees safe and healthy while at work.  

Daily cleaning for facilities can look different depending on the facility size, capacity and specific needs.  Tasks that you can expect commercial janitorial companies to recommend however, include removing trash, dusting high and low areas, keeping floors swept, mopped or vacuumed, as well as cleaning bathrooms and break rooms.  These are the basic needs of a facility but vital to keeping a clean and safe work space.  

In addition to any cleaning procedure, adding a “high touch disinfection” plan is imperative.  Commercial janitorial companies will prepare a custom protocol for your facility that will include disinfecting high touch areas like elevator buttons, faucets, conference tables and door handles.  They will recommend which surfaces should be included and how often those surfaces need to be cleaned, depending on the number of employees at the facility and how long the facility is operational.  

Finally, commercial janitorial services also have the technology to deliver a fine mist disinfection solution that can cover almost any surface.  Fine mist disinfection is 10x faster than hand wiping alone and provides a more even coverage and disinfection time to kill the viruses.  The disinfection solutions are safe and virtually residue free.  Companies can also provide pre and post testing of surfaces to measure germ kill so that employees are re-assured that surfaces are safe for use.   

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