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Whatever your needs may be, outsource with NSG! We are Cincinnati’s top facility management company who can solve all your building’s operational challenges. Our services enable you to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs while ensuring that your property is secure, clean and performing at an optimal level.

Outsourcing with NSG enables you to:

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NSG offers what no other facility management company in Cincinnati can: a track record of successful client relationships and responsible growth since 1988; integrated solutions, tailored to your requirements; a single point of contact for all your facility needs; experienced leadership that personally selects every employee, to ensure high-quality service; and our “fanatical focus” on personal attention.

NSG’s integrated services aren’t simply unique. They’re also better. Our integrated services and in-house expertise provide a more dependable, efficient and cost-effective approach than working with multiple building service providers. Our clients recognize the value and convenience of a single point of contact. That’s why we’re known for creating long-term, successful relationships with a wide variety of commercial building service clients in the Cincinnati area, from small-businesses to Fortune 25 companies.

To learn how your business will benefit from our services

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Focus on growing your core business

Outsource to NSG to free up your company’s valuable time and resources. Our commercial building services enable you to focus on growing your core business, with the confidence that your facility needs are in the hands of the experts. Every day, we provide our valued clients with exceptional janitorial servicessecurity servicesfacility maintenance, equipment sales & repair, parking services, and carpet cleaning.

Protect your people and property

Outsourcing to NSG ensures that your people are secure and your property investments are protected. With NSG, you can leverage experience gained from decades of facilities maintenance service in the Cincinnati area, specialized security and equipment repair training, and more. Whether NSG security services are keeping your people safe, or we’re protecting your investment through facility maintenance and equipment repair services, NSG is focused on protecting your property and facility investment.

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Increase quality and reduce costs

By outsourcing to NSG, you not only get access to the skills required to deliver quality services, but also to best-in-class technology that provides a competitive differentiation. With NSG, you get 24/7 access to online reporting that provides actionable, real-time data and insights that help you make better time and cost saving decisions.

Outsource to an industry leader

NSG is uniquely positioned to help you solve your facilities challenges so you can focus on growing your core business. Built on responsible financial growth, decades of industry experience and service expertise, NSG is backed by significant resource commitments to build strong, ongoing, and successful client relationships.

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The NSG Difference

Experience the NSG Difference.

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