Are you thinking about hiring a commercial security guard service?

If your facility is in need of a commercial security guard service, you have come to the right place! The following article provides a comprehensive checklist that you need to consider before hiring an unarmed commercial security guard service to make sure that they’re the right fit for your business. 

  1. Do they have a good reputation? –Begin by assessing whether or not they have good reviews and current customer testimonials.  Long standing companies with decades of experience, as well as a diverse client base, are good options to explore as you begin the process of finding a commercial security guard service that will best meet your needs.  
  2. Are they responsive and accountable? – Small and large facilities alike, can experience many different daily issues including potential security concerns, fire or medical emergencies or unwanted visitors.  Look for local companies that can partner with your team and that you can trust to make frequent onsite visits and face to face meetings if needed.  
  3. Do they use technology to ensure coverage and overall safety?Leading commercial security guard companies should have technology systems in place to regularly report any unwanted activity so that business owners and building managers are up to date with the overall safety of the building and the employees. Mobile technology can also be used to ensure guards are on time and at the correct checkpoint, eliminating unnecessary concern. 
  4. What type of training and experience do they provide?An excellent security guard service should have extensive training in the latest safety and security issues, including emergency scenarios and safety protocols that are robust, yet easy to understand, so protocols are executed thoroughly.  

NSG Inc. specializes in unarmed commercial security guard services. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, NSG should be your first call if you have been searching for professional security guards for your business or company. You can contact NSG Inc for security guard services via the phone on (513) 621-5018 or email on