Should Your Janitorial Service Be Providing Disinfection Services to Keep Your Office Germ Free?

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In the current environment, disinfection services have become a staple service that many cleaning companies are now offering their clients.

Commercial janitorial services can be trusted as experts at developing cleaning protocols for facilities large and small alike.  As COVID-19 sweeps across the country, cleaning, but also disinfection, have become even more important in order to provide healthier work places for employees and visitors.  

Many companies are now offering a “high touch” disinfection service.  This service is in addition to the normal cleaning routine and provides an additional layer of protection by disinfecting areas that come into contact with the most people.  A custom protocol for your facility is prepared that   will include disinfecting high touch areas like elevator buttons, faucets, conference tables and door handles.  They will not only recommend which surfaces should be included, but also how often those surfaces need to be cleaned, depending on the occupancy rate and number of hours the facility is operational.   

Another innovative solution to help businesses start to re-open is fine mist disinfection.  Top commercial janitorial services may also have the technology to deliver a fine mist disinfection solution that can cover almost any surface.  Fine mist disinfection is 10x faster than hand wiping alone and provides a more even coverage and disinfection time to kill the viruses.  The disinfection solutions are safe and virtually residue free.  Companies can also provide pre and post testing of surfaces to measure germ kill, so that employees are re-assured that surfaces are safe for use.   

Disinfection services are designed to keep all surfaces clean, so that employees stay healthy.  Pairing these services with other preventative measures like wearing masks, and providing health questionnaires and checking temperatures can help prevent illnesses from spreading. 

With the current outbreak that we’re all experiencing worldwide, taking preemptive steps to stop the spread of flu and other illnesses is an essential role that all businesses can perform. As key experts in cleaning procedures, tools, and the latest tips and trends, commercial janitorial services are at the forefront of the best cleaning protocols. 

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