What Are The Different Types Of Unarmed Commercial Security Guard Services?

What Are The Different Types Of Unarmed Commercial Security Guard Services

Are you curious about what type of commercial security guard services might meet your business’s needs?

When it comes time to add or change your facility’s unarmed commercial security guard services, you should consider the many different options available to meet your business’s needs.  It is important to consider the size of your facility, as well as the number of employees, visitors and even the type of environment or neighborhood your facility presides in.   The different type of unarmed security guard services includes:  

  1.  Security Concierge Services – These stationary security guards will be stationed at critical locations throughout your business. They are usually positioned at entry and exit locations or where members of the public interact with staff.  Their key responsibilities include monitoring access but also directing employees and visitors around the building.   
  2. Security Desk Services – These guards are also stationary, but their primary responsibility it to monitor the facility’s camera system.  Additionally, they are also responsible for enacting emergency responses to issues such as fire, water damage or other outside forces.  
  3. Mobile Patrol Security Guards Patrol security guard services are important to protect large areas and deter overall unwanted activity.  Services can include guards that are in cars, bikes or golf carts to oversee multiple site locations and parking lots or guards can be on foot, both inside and outside of buildings securing key locations.   

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