What Does Commercial Janitorial Services Mean?


Are you interested in commercial janitorial services but not sure what to expect? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Commercial janitorial services work on small and large properties alike.  Facilities like office spaces, warehouses, and medical office buildings are prime examples of businesses that typically benefit from commercial janitorial services.  

Professional janitorial services will always provide an onsite visit to build a custom cleaning protocol for your facility, however, below are typical services you can expect:  

  • Restroom cleaning – Day Porters have the primary responsibility to ensure that restrooms are clean and stocked throughout the day with hand towels, soap, and toilet paper. Typically, during non-business hours, janitorial staff are focused on disinfection of sinks, faucets, toilets and floors.  
  • Cleaning of employee breakrooms or kitchens – Most facilities have a kitchen or breakroom and it is the janitorial staff that can be responsible for wiping down sinks, countertops, and removing garbage, as well as replacing paper towels, soap and other general cleaning.  
  • Hard surface floor care – Reputable commercial janitorial services are trained to clean all types of hard surfaces.  Sweeping and mopping is important so that floors like presentable, but look for companies that have in house floor techs that are knowledgeable on how to strip and wax hard surface flooring to protect your investment.  
  • Carpet Cleaning –Vacuuming carpets is a routine task but reputable service providers can also provide in house carpet cleaning to keep floors protected.    
  • DustingJanitorial services will dust office furniture including desks, cabinets and common areas.  Regular dusting of vents and fans can help keep with allergies.  
  • Emptying trash – Depending on the size of the facility, there may be the need for a dedicated trash remover.  Regardless, commercial janitorial teams will remove all trash and replace with new liners

Wiping down office desks and chairs – After extended use, office chairs and desks need cleaning to protect the surfaces. A good janitorial service will also have the technology to wipe down and even spray a disinfectant to protect high touch areas.

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