When to Change Your Commercial Janitorial Service

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Have you been thinking of changing commercial janitorial providers?  

As a business owner or building manager, are you spending more and more time dealing with cleaning complaints and not getting timely responses?  Are you experiencing high turnover and inexperienced cleaning personnel that are not familiar with your facility or business?  Poor service and miscommunication are the leading factors for changing service providers.  

Commercial janitorial companies should deliver a custom cleaning and disinfection procedure for your facility that meets your specific needs.  All facilities are different and it is important that you are paying for essential business needs only.  A reputable company will complete an assessment of your facility and recommend not only cleaning and disinfection procedures, but it will also include recommendations on the number of hours the facility will require and what type of cleaning chemicals and tools that will be used.   Your facility is one of your biggest assets and the health of your employees is paramount so make sure that you have a comprehensive plan that protects your investments.  

Another signal that it may be time to explore hiring a new commercial janitorial service, is if the business owner or building management team feels like they have repeat issues with little to no response or follow up.  A full service commercial janitorial service will recognize that mistakes can happen and service needs can change.  While having a strong janitorial team is important, it is also important to consider if the company has a strong management team that can provide clear leadership and step in to address common industry issues.  It is important to consider companies that are local and have decades of experience in your market.  Frequent site contacts from management can often stop issues before they start or quickly address concerns.  

Accountability is another leading industry issue and if business owners and building management teams are not sure who is servicing their building and when it may be time to consider an alternative service provider.  As you search for new commercial janitorial partners, consider companies that use technology to perform inspections and manage services.  Knowing when, and if, the cleaning crew has arrived, as well as if they are performing to the contact specs is vital and telephone timekeeping systems can help manage this.  Mobile crews that are cross-trained to fill in for emergencies are also important assets that top commercial janitorial companies can provide.  

The good news is that if you are located in the Cincinnati/NKY area, and are interested in switching to a professional commercial janitorial staff, NSG Inc is ready to help. We have trained and experienced cleaners ready to start work at your business. 

NSG Inc specializes in both security guard services and janitorial services. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, NSG Inc should be your first call if you have been searching for a professional janitorial service for your business or company. You can contact NSG Inc for security guard services via the phone on (513) 621-5018 or email on sales@nsg-inc.com.