The Top Reasons to Use A Commercial Janitorial Service

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Are you thinking of hiring or changing your commercial janitorial service for your business? Here are the top reasons why you should!

Making the decision to hire or switch providers of a commercial janitorial service is an important decision.  There are a variety of different reasons to consider and in the following article, we’re going to look at some of the essential reasons to use a commercial janitorial service at your business. 

  • ExperienceCommercial janitorial providers have extensive training in the latest cleaning and disinfection procedures. Not only are they solely focused on the latest trends and best practices, but they also are able to create cleaning and disinfection protocols for your specific facility.  A trusted commercial janitorial service will do an overall assessment of your facility and tailor a cleaning routine for your business.  They will be able to help recommend the number of cleaning hours your facility will require but also what cleaning tasks will benefit your facility and employees the best.  Commercial janitorial companies focus on cleaning so that business owners and building management teams can focus on their business.
  • Protecting your biggest assetCommercial janitorial companies are typically hired to clean and disinfect bathrooms and mop common area floors to create clean and healthy work environments for employees and visitors.  However, commercial janitorial professionals are also trained to clean and protect many other surfaces like blinds, office furniture, break rooms, and carpets.  Commercial janitorial professionals not only have the right cleaning procedure but they also have the right cleaning tools for each specific task.  A company’s facility is often the most expensive asset and it is a good investment to protect it.  
  • Clean and Disinfect – Today, creating healthy workspaces is an important and timely topic for business owners and employees alike.  The onset of COVID-19 has many employers and employees asking how they can return to work in a safe and healthy manner.  By hiring a commercial cleaning company, companies can create cleaning protocols that not only create clean workspaces but also limit the spread of germs by disinfecting high touch areas like elevator buttons, door handles, and conference rooms.  In the current climate, both your employees and visitors need to feel reassured that you’re taking your cleaning and disinfection seriously.  While we all need to be much more diligent about stopping the spread of COVID-19, professional janitorial companies can help ensure that all high-traffic areas and high-touch areas have been cleaned exceptionally well. 

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